You are driving me nuts! ;-)


Nuts are being unappreciated.

Meanwhile, nuts are a great source of healthy, friendly for our bodies, oils. Nuts have unfavourable opinions for being extremely fat (some sorts consist of 70% fat! ) and caloric (up to 700 kcal/100g) BUT do not forget  that our bodies DO need those healthy oils hidden in a small nut. Moreover, nuts are covering a microelements requirement. Vitamin E, contained in nuts, is called ‚vitamin of youth’. A handful of nuts is covering its daily requirement.




Nuts are great as snack because they are making you feel full for a long time, they are light for your stomach and healthy. It is way better to eat some nuts than chips or sweets. They are even keeping your hands away from unhealthy snacks-after eating nuts you don’t crave for something else.




Even if you want to lose some weight, do not be afraid of crunching nuts-your body needs healthy oils to assimilate some of vitamins (A, D, E, K) vital for your health, skin, hair and nails.




Do not forget to add a few nuts into your breakfast (muesli!), lunch (salad with pinia/cashew nuts) or to eat a small piece of dark chocolate with nuts for a dessert.


Healthy oils are vital for our bodies to stay healthy and young. Healthy oils can be helpful in fighting against wrinkles as they are hydrating are skin, leaving it looking soft and young.

Let me know guys if you enjoyed this post! :-)


Get healthy!

I was missing blogging so much! :-)

I’ve decided to show myself from a little different point.

I haven’t tell u guys before but I’m a healthy lifestyle freak. It doesn’t mean that I’m only eating all those healthy things, because I’m a human and sometimes I just can’t keep myself away from sweets :-).


I’ve heard that milk is not as healthy as it was always said to be. Actually, it is said to be unhealthy. Today I’ve started my first no-milk day to see how it works for me as I’m not really sure about its unhealthy features.


So, my breakfast consisted on:

  • 60g oat flakes
  • cranberry (dried)
  • raspberry (frozen)
  • sesam (it is a great source of calcium)
  • coconut flakes

As I can’t imagine a morning without coffee (latte!) I had to make it in a different than usual way.

So, I boiled 1,5 cup of water, added 1 tbls of coffee (not instant!),my favourite spices like cloves, cinammon, vanilla and ginger (powder), then added 1 tbls of cocoa (the real one, without sweeteners etc.). After the coffee had reached the desired temperature, I’ve added some honey.


It was really delicious, even better that coffee latte!


I’m going to post more healthy posts for u guys :-).
Tell me how u like my new way of blogging!




When I first saw that necklace I thought-I have to own that! It reminds me on Africa and its hot climate, citiziens and culture. As I have already told you, long dresses are my good friends but I think skirts are pretty cool, too. You don’t have to put a lot effort into your outfit to feel and look great and maxies are time-saver in summer morning. So guys, enjoy photos below and let me know what you think about that outfit!

african_fever_1 african_fever_2 african_fever_3 african_fever_4 african_fever_5 african_fever_6 african_fever_7 african_fever_8 african_fever_9 african_fever_10 african_fever_11 african_fever_12 african_fever_13

  • top-h&m
  • maxi skirt-primark
  • sandals-primark
  • bracelet-six
  • necklace-six


Fancy salmon

Hi guys! I’m sorry for not being there for such a long time as I was visiting my sister in England. I just couldn’t resist spending some time with her and her family. Moreover, England is stunningly beautiful and cute! I have been there 5 times so far and I’m still impressed.

Me and my bf were going for a walk to enjoy summer weather in the city and to stop to eat something in ‚beer gardens’. I have to admit that nothing tastes better than grilled salmon-totally love it! Enjoy photos below!

fancy_salmon_1 fancy_salmon_5 fancy_salmon_2 fancy_salmon_3 fancy_salmon_4 fancy_salmon_7 fancy_salmon_8 fancy_salmon_10 fancy_salmon_12 fancy_salmon_15

  • top-tally weijl
  • cut offs-river island
  • flats-atmosphere
  • necklace-atmosphere
  • rings-claire’s
  • bracelet/crosses-claire’s
  • bracelet/gold+salmon-i’m

Blue it!

I was going to the party with my bf that evening so I decided to pimp up my style-pony tail, heels and skirt-that must be a killer combo. I’m not the one who wears heels from morning to the evening, everyday, but I think that party is a great occasion to wear them! That’s really like my style-two colours, just perfectly combined together. Anyway, just take a look! Let me know guys what you think about that outfit and what you wear for parties!

blue_fusion_1 blue_fusion_2 blue_fusion_3 blue_fusion_4 blue_fusion_5 blue_fusion_6 blue_fusion_7 blue_fusion_8 blue_fusion_9 blue_fusion_10 blue_fusion_11

  • top-h&m
  • skirt-stradivarius (similar here)
  • heels-badura
  • bag-no name
  • necklace-i’m

Green all around

Green grass, green trees-isn’t it green all around? This special, mint tint of green has mastered summer fashion since two or three years. On the very begging it was really all over-mint nails, mint jewellery, mint bags. Almost everybody loves this colour. When I’ve seen this long mint dress, I was like-I gotta have it! It’s not a difficult colour in my opinion-different tints suit everybody-redhead, brunettes and blondes. This colour likes company of white, gold (rather lighter tint), beige, nude or even black. If you like to be more colorful, you can even add a pinch of blue. My dress is really plain, so I decided to pimp it up with a giant necklace-I really like it! Let me know guys what you think about this colour and what you have already bought in this pretty tint of green. See you soon!

green_all_over_1 green_all_over_2 green_all_over_3 green_all_over_4 green_all_over_5 green_all_over_6 green_all_over_7 green_all_over_8 green_all_over_9 green_all_over_10 green_all_over_11 green_all_over_12







It’s raining outside

The weather can really get down. It has been raining for 2 or 3 weeks, I’ve lost count of it. But! It’s not the reason to stay at home all day long! I kinda like days like those lately because it makes the occasion to put some Hunters on :-). They are really cute combined with colorful or even dark clothes. I’m in love with my recently bought tunic-it covers up my bottom, so I can wear it with leggings, so I decided to put it on. Leggings create a good couple with Hunters. What more could I want? ;-) But be careful-Hunters are not suitable to wear them at work or at school-they are perfect when you are staying outside. I mean, it’s up to you, but I think it’s pretty uncomfortable to wear them all day long :-).

Just add some cute accesoires and you are ready to go for a very long walk with your crush :-). Let me know guys what you like to do when it’s raining outside :-).

h_like_hunter_1 h_like_hunter_3h_like_hunter_4h_like_hunter_2h_like_hunter_5 h_like_hunter_6 h_like_hunter_7 h_like_hunter_8 h_like_hunter_9 h_like_hunter_10

  • tunic-no name
  • leggins-zara
  • shoes-hunter
  • bracelet-h&m
  • bag-no name
  • earrings-next

I promise the next post is going to show up very soon :-).

To Summer!

I’m drinking strawberry daiquiri and thinking about comming summer. There is so many places I would love to visit. There is so many people I would be so happy to see.

It was really pleasant outside today-about 22 degrees, sunny. I decided to put on my new maxi dress that I just adore, because it’s so comfy and airy. Long dresses are the best for summer-those make you look chic in the middle of the day, you don’t have to wait until the evening to wear them and feel glamourous :-).

I prefer to combine maxi dresses with sassy flip-flops and a little jewellery.

zara_maxi_dress_1 zara_maxi_dress_2 zara_maxi_dress_3 zara_maxi_dress_4 zara_maxi_dress_5

  • dress-zara
  • flip flops-no name
  • watch-D&G
  • ring-i am
  • nail paint-catrice, meet me at coral island


Nice to see you!


I’m just so excited to write my very first post!

My name is Viki, I’m 22 years old and I just love talking,that’s why I decided to name blog ‚viki-talks’. But it’s not the point-the blog is going to be about lifestyle, fashion and beauty. Maybe it does seem common but I promise, I’ll be doing my best to surprise you:-).

I would love to tell you more about myself in next posts, so see you soon!